Varsity Boys Pummel Pine Forest

Haleigh Vance

On Tuesday, December 6th Milton’s varsity boys soccer team fought hard and beat Pine Forest.

The home game ended with a score of 5-2. In the first quarter, the Panthers scored at 30:05 and 24:13. In between the Panther goals, Pine Forest scored 16:30. However, Milton showed them up by scoring once more at 1:05.

The second quarter started off well with a score by Milton at 39:08. During the second quarter Milton Panther Kai Greene, no. 8, and Pine Forest Eagle, no. 21, got into an argument on the feild over whether or not a foul should’ve been called on Kai. The other teammates frantically tried to calm them down, including Tim Dimpsey. This resulted in a yellow cards for Tim and Kai. Kai was pulled out of the rest of the game.

The game continued with Milton scoring at 24:30 and Pine Forest at 2:03, and ended with a victory by the Panthers!

In interviews after the game, some of the boys responded to the contest as follows:

Kai Greene: “Pine Forest had a lot of fight in them. It was a good team effort; five people, five goals.”

Tim Dimpsey: “Overall, our team played good, and we came away with a big win.”

Tyler Kaelin: “It showed how much potential out team has, and what we can do when we put our mind to a common goal.”

Patrick Greene: “We were playing a good game. We got ahead early so we had a pretty easy ride the rest of the game. We played as a team and came out on top.”

Avery McNeal: “One of the best games we’ve played together in a while. We communicated well together to help out each other.”

Good Job Panthers!

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