Softball 2012

Sarra Merritt, Staff writer

Our Varsity softball had a great season, with a ton of memorable times. The season is over now, but the good times will always be engraved in the minds of the outgoing seniors and the continuing juniors. Their win-loss record is 21-4, which is amazing, so be sure to congratulate the team! They did very well, and they’re all working on improving and moving up in the ranks.

The season’s very last game was on April 19th at Tate during the district tournaments. We Panthers came in third out of eight attending teams, so the team can pat themselves on the back, but they are always aiming to get better. Tate won the tournament and Escambia came in second, so now they know what teams to watch out for. Next year’s Varsity team is shooting higher and we will just wait and see what’s achieved.

The Junior Varsity team also recently wrapped up their season. Earlier in their season, we remember Hannah Brake pitched a perfect game against Pine Forest, and Shelby Willet had some amazing batting at the plate.

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