Freshman Baseball: End of Season Wrap-Up

Haleigh Vance, Staff writer

The freshman Panthers are no longer on the prowl. They finished their season with one tied game and only four losses! Their 2011-2012 season went by quickly but we all enjoyed every hit and miss.

All the boys had something to say about the teams they played against. Cameron Bush said, “Tate or Pace were the two best games of the year.” Jacob Perry concurred by saying, “I really enjoyed playing against Tate.” Garrett Rogers commented, “My favorite team we played was Tate because they challenged our team.”

When talking about the season, most of the boys agreed that the season went well, but there were many improvements that could be made. Kyle Kaniper says, “We should’ve won more, and we didn’t. Next year, I want to improve my all-around game.”

Each player had an individual thing he thought could have been better throughout the season. Micah McGaha states, “During pre-season I was disappointed in the way we played, but when the season started we pulled things together and made a statement. I wish I would have pitched more than I did.” 

Cameron Jeter said, “Our goal for this year was to beat Pace and we didn’t succeed, so we will try harder next year.”

Everyone knows about the rivalry between Milton and Pace, and losing against the Patriots definitely put a damper on the boys’ spirits. They all say they are looking forward to next year’s season, hoping to improve before they play so they’ll come out with a bang.

To sum it up, Gavin Wiscaver said, “The season was good, but a lot of our players have a lot of room to improve.”

We hope to see you out to support the upcoming freshman as they take on the roles of playing on the junior varsity team next year! Let’s go Big Black!

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