Obama for Gay Marriage?

Whitney Finch

On Wednesday, May 10, President Obama was interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, where he announced his support for gay marriage. Hours later we have one of the biggest uproars this election season.  Every Republican, Christian or Republican Christian out there tossed in their very angry two cents. Mitt Romney stated, “I will stay by what I said, and I am still against gay marriage. Also, President Obama is wrong.”

Right round all of this happing, North Carolina passed their law, making it illegal to marry someone of the same sex — the same North Carolina where it’s legal to marry your cousin, as long as it’s not your gay cousin. Now, I am unsure if these two events go together or are just coincidence. Either way, it’s drawing a deeper line in the sand.

Cherliyn Norton, a sophomore, weighed in: “I support Obama now due to him changing his mind. See, I don’t like the government and the churches should be the same. All these people getting so upset, to me, is kind of dumb.”

James Skinner, a senior, said: “It’s good he supports it, but truly I don’t care either way this goes. It doesn’t really affect me so I’m happy either way.”

For the most part this is nothing new. One person is for something and someone else isn’t. It’s how our government was made. Now I don’t feel that this topic alone is going to make America go into a second Civil War. There are far worse topics that could do that.

I found this interesting, so know I want to know your thoughts on it. But one thing I ask is you keep your opinions school-worthy, and also to respect everyone else’s thoughts.

That’s all I’m saying!

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