Technology is NOT for Asking People Out or for Break Ups!

Lauren Garner, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that the Internet has proven to have many beneficial uses over the years, but never would anyone have imagined that people would start asking people out and breaking up with them using this technology. Doing this is very unappealing, and people have become so ignorant! Are you seriously that scared to break up with someone you don’t like in person, or are you scared of hearing a simple “No” from someone? If you ask someone out, and he or she turns you down, move on. Sending this person an email, instant message, or message through MySpace, Facebook, or some other technology like this is just pathetic. You won’t get anywhere in life by being a coward. Using technology to ask people out or break up with them is for the fainthearted. It’s idiotic, unreasonable, insensitive, and shows how inperceptive you are to others’ feelings.

Camila Cabral said, “I think that it shows how cowardly the person is for not being able to see the reaction those people have. I don’t like people who ask each other out or break up with them through the phone, Internet, or other forms of electronic devices.”

Chris Grimm, MHS senior, said, “They’re cowards who probably shouldn’t be dating in the first place if they’re honestly that insensitive. Breaking up with someone over the Internet is insensitive.”

Austin Adams, MHS senior, wasn’t relunctant when he told me about the time someone broke up with him over the phone. He said, “That night, I lost all my respect for her.”

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