Snap Over to Yearbook

Haleigh Vance, Staff writer

Our 2011-2012 yearbook staff has worked diligently at giving us the best yearbook that they possibly can. With Lisa Smith as editor-in-charge and Cara Scott, assistant editor, yearbook is being run smoothly.

Yearbooks are a great investment to have memories of every high school year. Especially since Milton High School is such a memorable school. You can still purchase a year book in Mrs. Briggs’ room for $80 while she still has extras!

We asked Mrs. Briggs, yearbook sponsor about this past year and what’s to come next year.

Panther Print: Who is your most valuable staffer?

Leslie Briggs: Without a doubt, Lisa Smith, editor-in-charge. She developed the theme, assigned deadlines, and monitored everything.

PP: Most memorable moment?

LB: I always love the shenanigans on parent nights. My desk was overtaken with dinosaurs and little green Army men.

PP: Most difficult task?

LB: Getting everyone motivated to not procrastinate.

PP: Most experienced staffer?

LB: Lisa Smith, and Mari Kyle have both been on the staff for three years.

PP: Things that will be different next year?

LB: I am creating a new position for a student to monitor name spellings, proofing, and page progress.

PP: How do you feel this year turned out?

LB: Overall, I believe the third time is a charm. The book may not be perfect, but it is one that is “tight”! The overall effect is strong, and we are so proud of it.

PP: Anything you want to say about your staff?

LB: I love this group of talented, witty, charming peeps, with surprising abilities to shock and amaze me.

Thank you, Mrs. Briggs!

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