The It-Girl Prom Style

Rashelle Stewart, Fashion Editor

Jovani Prom selection for 2012 is full of embellished corsets, full ruffles, sparkling lace beading, and feathers! The most adored fit, the Mermaid, is one of Jovani’s signature styles this year.

There is also a new style on the scene, the High Low style. The High Low style is a cocktail dress accentuated by a long train. Many of these dresses have a rouched front in order to appeal to the younger crowd. Many of these dresses are in bright colors with light mesh or lace trains.

The detachable High Low gown is the epitome of a high school prom dress. We all ditch our extremely expensive heels and lift up our dresses and hit the dance floor. But this time, Jovani has made prom easy and fabulous.

Stepping out of his comfort zone, there is now a neon pink collection that is full of elegant gowns to fun, feathered High Low’s.  

The High Low fit is perfect if you want the beautiful playful Sweet-16 look. And, for 2012, Jovani has toasted his glass with his champagne color line, full of bubbly embellished bodices. Every girl can find their dream dress at Jovani, where every body shape can be beautiful.

Though his dresses are extremely beautiful, they are on the pricey side. A Jovani dress can put you back $300 at the minimum. Yes, there are other designers with more affordable dresses, but you will never find a dress with the same quality and elegance as Jovani.

Personally, Jovani has accompanied me to six dances with six of his gowns. I see Jovani as an investment that will be with you until you sell it (if you can ever pry your hands off of them). The way to shop smartly with Jovani is to stay in the classics, because they will always be in style, unlike trendy gowns that come and go. You will have Jovani for years, since the  quality in his dresses are unlike any other. I also find that Jovani gowns are the easiest to alter their shape. The dresses have multiple seams that are always so easy to take in or to let out, therefore they are an all-around investment for life.

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