How To Put an Easter Basket Together

Lauren Garner, How-to Girl, Editor

Putting an Easter basket together is more than just throwing a few things together and calling it good. It’s a masterpiece—a work of art. At least that’s how I think. Of course, I’m an over analyzer. But instead of giving you a step-by-step guide on how to put it together and telling you what to put in it, I’m just going to give you a few tips. Assuming you know what an Easter basket is and looks like because we have all seen them our entire lives, let’s get started.

Now the reason I’m giving you only tips is because doing something like this is sort of personal. It isn’t something that always looks the same. Every year, it’s something different. So as for the tips, I like to call them my special acronym, C.I.P. It stands for Creativity, Inspiration, and Personality.

Creativity– Whether you are writing a book, drawing a picture, or writing music, you are using the power of creativity to do it. Your Easter basket is a masterpiece, as I mentioned before, and you are the artist. Look at the basic traditional outline of what it should look like as a blank canvas that you get to paint.

Inspiration– Your creativity is fueled by inspiration. This comes through everything usually when you least expect it to come. I know I’ll listen to a song or see something random like a willow tree and decide that that is where my main character is going to meet her soul mate—under a willow tree. In this case, use the person you are making this for as your inspiration. When you make an Easter basket, aren’t you supposed to fill it up with something they like?

Personality– This is where you come in to the basket. When you shop for people, do you buy them things that you don’t like? I didn’t think so. So add a little part of you in it. If it was me, I’d add a miniature penguin thing or whatever just because that person would know about my obsession with penguins. If you are going through putting this together, go ahead and make them be reminded of you whenever they see it.

As a few other fun tips for more help, try to remember these:

1. Keep it age appropriate. Toys for little brothers and sisters, CD’s or movies for the preteens, etc.

2. Don’t fill the entire basket with the grass. It’s no fun to have more grass than anything else.

3. Decide how big of an impression you want to make. Think about the person and how they will react to the size of the basket. It’s all about that person, so put some thought into it.

4. Think candy, of course! Is that person diabetic? If so, go for the sugar-free. Are they “diet addicts”? If so, go for the fat-free. Also, don’t fill it with traditional Easter candy if they don’t like that candy. You should try filling it with their favorite little bite-sized candy bars.

5. Personalize it just for them. For example, if it were me my basket would probably be black because it’s my favorite color. It would be filled with Snickers because that’s my favorite candy bar. It’d have a can of cola for my favorite soda, and a stuffed penguin and Lady Gaga CD. But that’s just an example!

I hope this helped you with coming up with a great idea for a basket for a friend or little sibling or even a girlfriend or boyfriend. (By the way, a great idea for a girlfriend is to have a necklace or bracelet in the middle of the basket either with the box opened or closed. Your choice). Have fun using your C.I.P.

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