Chess Club 2011

Lauren Garner, Editor

The unfortunate stereotype of kids who are in the Chess Club is that they’re nerdy people who have no lives, but that isn’t the case at all here at MHS. As Mr. Bunnell, the sponsor for Chess Club says, “Many people think of chess as just a game, but it teaches valuable skills that can help all students–critical thinking, strategy, and planning ahead. Chess is the perfect game, which is why it’s endured for so long.”

Every Wednesday, all types of students come to Chess Club, and they all have their own reasons for why they play. When asked what interested him in joining the Chess Club, Justin Morrell, MHS senior, answered, “I’ve played for ten years, and when I finally saw a challenge, I joined the club.” Chess is one of the few school organizations for people who want to take on challenges that make them have to really think. Other chess players such as Patrick Greene say that the best thing about Chess Club is, “You can play with people as intelligent as you are.”

So, if you are thinking about joining Chess Club, they meet every Wednesday in Mr. Bunnell’s room. Check it out!

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